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“Luce in pezzi”

Mirror, paint, neon, steel, transformer


Filippo Centenari | Luce in pezzi

Luce in pezzi
Mirror, paint, neon, steel, transformer.
Variable measures | 2011

Filippo Centenari | Luce in pezzi

Luce in pezzi
Draw on paper.
52×42 | 2011


“Light in pieces” resumes the tensions and expectations developed in many works.
Elements such as the mirror, the vice, and the neon are remixed in a poetic and vibrant force.
The strict critique of space, the mirror, remains in balance and suspension struck by light as the animating subject of the scene.
Fragility and impossibility becomes real and concrete, revived and extended in geometric lines that unfold from the point of contact between mirror and light to demonstrate the effect and action.
The vice anchors the mirror to the floor, while the diagonals that divide it into the hypothetical breaking define its architectural volume; the light rises to the ceiling, creating a progressive upward tension, but is also reflected in the mirror, blocked in the middle of the two worlds. Thus the work takes the form of a story that is not realized, a “fairy tale” that says unfulfilled desire, the infinite yearning to seek the impossible ideal.
Paraphrasing Calvino, Centenari’s sculptures are “like dreams and cities, built of desires and fears”.

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